NM Law Office

Prosecution Services Before National and International Patent and Trademark Offices:

o Drafting and filing trademark, patent, and design applications.
o Filing international trademark applications and renewals at WIPO.
o Filing oppositions against third parties’ applications which are published official trademark bulletin.
o Filing defenses against oppositions to clients’ trademarks by third parties.
o Filing appeals or responses to office actions by Turkish Patent and Trademark Office or foreign offices.
o Renewal, licensing or assignment of trademarks.
o Monitoring official trademark bulletin and reporting clients regarding confusingly similar trademarks within period of opposition.

Litigation Services:

o Within the scope of anti-counterfeiting, making all manner of legal, criminal and administrative applications including search and seizure orders, customs seizures of import, export and transport goods.
o Within the scope of protection of IP Rights, handling injunction applications, unfair competition cases.
o Cases on pecuniary, non-pecuniary, and reputation damages.
o Invalidation, and cancellation actions.
o Preparing license, confidentiality, and assignment agreements; as well as action for damages due to breach of agreements.
o Handling domain name disputes before judicial and administrative authorities.
o Copyright applications.
o Preparing license agreements, assignments, utilization, maintenance and improvement, and outsourcing agreements on copyrightable works.
o Counselling services for copyright owners to protect their rights.